Energy Consulations for Companies

Especially Small and Middle-Sized Enterprises/Companies (SME) can save much energy through our Energy Efficiency Consultation’s. Through an Energy Consultation, companies can quickly discover energy use inefficiencies. This saves time and money. During an Energy Efficiency Consultation for companies, all existing energy sources and delivery sources (electricity, heating, lighting, portable heating devices, hot- and cold water etc.) will be evaluated and possibilities of increasing energy efficiency will be suggested. A detailed calculation of profitability shows the potential of the proposed measures.
An initial and detailed consultation will be made of energy use improvements depending on the size of the company, which pertains to the company’s current situation. During the first initial consultation facts will be gathered and energy efficiency weak spots will be identified. Then a detailed consultation will take place with a thorough Energy consumption analysis and specific corrective measures will be recommended.



Initial Consultation

During an initial consultation a visit to the company buildings will take place and energy weak spots will be identified according to all available data. The findings will be listed in a “Conclusions” report.



Detailed Consultation

In a detailed consultation a more extensive energy consumption analysis will be discussed, to initiate specific improvement measures.  The goal is first to identify the areas with the most energy consumption weak spots, which when corrected, have the most potential energy cost savings to benefit the company.



Energy Performance Certificate for Mixed Use Office and Apartment Buildings

In Apartment Buildings, in which large parts of apartments or rooms may not be used as living quarters, two separate Energy Performance Certificates must be issued, one for the occupied apartments and another for the rooms used for business purposes.





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