• Efficient Energy Use consultation for Apartment Building
  • Efficient Energy Use consultation for Non-Residential Buildings

For the renovation work in existing buildings we offer an independent Energy use consultation. After a thorough analysis of the building we prepare a Consultation Report that indicates areas where energy can be saved.


Energy Consultation in Apartment Buildings


Energy Performance Certificate (Documentation of Energy Consumption)

According to the previous Housing Regulation (EnEV 2009) the Purchaser, Renter or Leaser of a building has the right to see all documents pertaining to the buildings energy consumption. In the new Regulation (EnEV 2014), valid since  May 1, 2014, the house owner is required to present or handover unasked, all energy consumption documents. Now all real estate agencies must tell clients in advance all energy requirements, a history of energy usage, the sources of energy and the documented energy efficiency classification. The building energy consumption identification document may contain general recommendations for modernization but cannot replace a detailed complete consultation of all possible renovation variations.


Energy Past Use (Energy Consumption Certificate)

In the building Energy Consumption Document the recorded use of energy during the last three years will be considered valid for calculating future energy use. The information about past heating and hot water preparation present a history of use by the building occupant. This past consumption is influenced by the occupant’s use and habits and is not necessarily comparable to other building occupants energy use.



Building Energy Requirements Document

The Building Energy Requirements Document is a neutral, occupant independent, evaluation of the building, and describes relevant laws and energy quality available.  The roof, windows and heating (house technical systems) will be examined and evaluated.  On the basis of these evaluations the anticipated use of energy, independent of the individual occupant’s energy use, will be calculated. This calculation is valid for this individual building and can be compared with as a reference to other buildings.
A Building Energy Requirements Document is mandatory for the following buildings:
-old unrenovated Apartment buildings containing up to four separate apartments
-extremely extensive (redesigning) building renovations
-Building contracts made or build before  November 1, 1977
-Buildings which do not fulfil the thermal Insulation ordnance (Warm Building and Insulation    Requirement Laws of November 1, 1977





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